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Stories and research

MF Wilhelm Kussner Interview Authored by Greg Morrison
FM Francis (Fane) Klouser Interview Authored by Michael Klouser
FMF Everett Edward Fane - Train Boy to Honorable Great Grandfather Authored by Michael Klouser
FMMF Simon Peter Phillips "Lineage through the years" Authored by Michael Klouser
FMFMF William Henry Harrison Lynch "Son of Pioneers and Civil War Veteran" Authored by Michael Klouser
FMFMFF William Lynch "Journey of a Young Pioneer" Authored by Michael Klouser

Jacob Nupp "Cumulative Information"

Prepared by Michael Klouser


Prudence Reed "Life of a Pioneering Mother"

Authored by Michael Klouser


Frantz Christian Hootman Book

Authored by Mark Tunnel and

Supplemented by Michael Klouser

FFFFFFFFF Hanz Jarick Klauser Compiled by Michael Klouser


Klouser Surname Tree


Michael James Klouser  b. 1963  m.  Jody Esters/Imhof, daughter of Jim Esters and Jeanne Winkler

 Robert Eugene Klouser  b. 1937  m.  Mary Margaret Kussner, daughter of Wilhelm Kussner and Josephine Rhode

  John Raymond Klouser  b. 1911   m.  Francis Patricia Fane, daughter of Everett Fane and Catherine Phillips

    Walter Andrew Klouser b. 1875   m.  Augusta Catherine Laufenburg, daughter of William Laufenburg and Augusta Hohmbrecker

      John Klouser              b. 1841   m.  Anna Catherine Laudenslager, daughter of Daniel Laudenslager and Lydia Sauser

         William Klouser          b. 1813   m. Catherine Geist, daughter of George Geist and Maria Catherine Kramer

         George Klouser           b. 1778   m. Christina, daughter of

           Phillip Adam Clauser   b. 1748   m. Anna Marie Althouse,  daughter of Johannes Christian Althous and Anna Maria Rooth

            Johannes G. Klauser    b. 1725   m. Barbara Schiman, daughter of Simon Schimann and Catharina Heberling            

             Hance Jarick Klauser    b. 1701   m.  Anna Maria Weizer, daughter of


  Additional Information

Ancestors of Everett Edward Fane

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Hootman Book (in progress)

Census Rollup Klouser 

Siblings of  Michael James Klouser